Why Conspire?

Conspire literally means "to breathe together", which is precisely what we do. A not-for-profit collective of filmmakers, artists, and activists, our focus is on the most beautiful conspiracy: fostering independent art and creative activism.
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Human Resources in post-production!

Post-production is wonderfully underway. The film looks great, but we need your help to make it look even better. Consider "investing" - you can score some nice swag, including ghoulish props and special effects from the movie. The more we raise, the better the film will look!

HR mailing list

Check out the Human Resources website -- sign up for the mailing list, direct others to the site, and stay posted for more as production continues.

The Fat Cat in the Hat: A Wells Fargo Unfairy Tale

Philly auditions!

In Philadelphia, this Friday, we will hold auditions by appointment for several supporting roles. If you're interested in coming in to read for a part, please contact us to arrange an audition slot between 12-2 or 4-6 p.m.

Over a hundred humanitarians have funded HUMAN RESOURCES

Because of the support of over 100 backers, we exceeded our budget to make Human Resources.
Endless gratitude to everyone who pledged and publicized in the last 30 days. In the truest spirit of our ideals, it has been a cooperative group effort. Some gave a lot, some gave whatever they could, and everyone invaluably contributed by spreading the word and showing love.

Kickstarter campaign launched

Just in time for the consumer season -- spread the word and contribute what you can!


Why "conspire"?

Conspire Films is an independent media production company currently focused on our first feature, "Human Resources".

Despite the word's negative connotations, the root of "conspire" means "to breathe together". We like this name because it emphasizes the importance of working together -- we're not solitary artists, we're engaged in creative projects as a community. Thanks for checking us out, and please join us if you'd like to be a part of our creative conspiracies.

Welcome -- come conspire with us!

Pre-production is now underway on our first feature film! Well, the first since high school, when we turned out features every few months, with plenty of shorts and plays in between. But it's been too long since then, and we've honed our skills quite a bit since, so it's time to get back at it. Check out our present productions to read about this film, "Human Resources". Right now, we're looking for actors, extras, crew, helpers and volunteers of all sorts who want to work on a fun, low-budget, local, indie film. Join us!

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